Hunting area

The hunting area is privately owned since 1992 and comprices 17500 acres. The game ranch is located a 5 hours drive north of J’burg. It’s a open savannah with some acacia thickets. We have over 3000 animals on the game ranch and all animals are truly wild, there is no livestock on the ranch.


All the animals are free ranging. The number of animals on the ranch (estimation):

Impala 1400
Wildebeest 350
Oryx 300
Giraffe 52
Kudu 500
Zebra 100
Eland 100
Waterbuck 80
Red hartbeest 45
Nyala 50

Smaller animals like warthogs and bushbuck is hard to count because of the areas they live in.

Pictures taken from the bowhunting blinds with bushnell infrared trophy camera